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PFI’s team of innovative and performance minded professionals will ensure you leave a lasting impact on the track. For people like us, a car is an extension of who you are. No two people are alike, no two builds are alike. We specialize in bringing quality parts to you and helping you learn how to be successful at the track.

Our goal is to bring you fast fun throughout our YouTube channel. We aim to help you learn every step of the way, from building your own rad projects to fine tuning them with any level of build.

PSCA Race Gallery

Check out our PSCA race photos from our photographer Larry Pena!

Meet The Team

Brent Leivestad

Started as Parts Finder International, PFI, basically as a parts middle man. I would find the parts, scour junkyards, anywhere I could find parts really, buy and then sell those parts. After building my first Honda CRX it morphed into building cars. We’ve introduced a lot of parts into the auto industry, helping it grow, bringing ideas to life. We work on keeping it fun. After being introduced into the Boosted Boiz Youtube videos we moved into making our own videos with the goal to teach and help others grow. Share the brands we’ve found reliable and keep it budget minded. Anyway we can share the fun all around while helping others build on their own. That’s where we are today. I love the excitement and bringing the excitement out in others. I love seeing others succeed with their projects and builds and getting to be a part of it all. We have so many clients that just really get me excited when I see them make their first pass at the track or beat that personal best time. The sense of community we are building makes this more than just a job, it’s our way of life. With the YouTube channel I enjoy teaching and connecting with people all over the world, before YouTube, we were a small town shop supporting local automotive enthusiasts. Being able to expand on that now and reach people anywhere is what keeps me going.

Jamie Lankford

Oh man, I started young. My dad was a mechanic. I grew up racing go-karts, when I got my license I got into the high school drags at Bandimere. I started with a CRX, moved into Mustangs, then moved into SRT4’s. I have spent years teaching myself everything I can about building cars, any kind of car. When I met Brent it really changed the game for me, there was so much he was able to teach me. Learning the tuning process under him and all the different softwares to tune with became a passion for me.

Goofy Built Shane

I’m Shane. I’m Brent’s son and I work on building engines. I like to skate with my friends and rip the trail 70. I built my first car as a Junior in high school with my best friend and my dad. Ever since then I’ve been working with my dad and growing PFI, building engines and race cars. Keep an eye out for my CRX, it’s going to be wicked.

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